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Who Am I? The Basic Goodness of Being Human

with Adam Lobel
April 17 / 6:30 PM - May 22 / 9:00 PM

This course offers a six-session journey around the question “Who Am I?” The intention is to invite people of any background to join into a genuine process of contemplative inquiry. How can we even ask this question? And how can we explore it in a way that leads to some real experiential understanding? The container and orientation for this journey is the notion of basic goodness. In this case, it means that we adopt an attitude of gentleness and openness toward ourselves, as opposed to assuming that there is already a basic problem or something to be fixed. Meditation practice is used as a way to contact and express that kind of mind. There will be different contemplative and dialogue exercises. Buddhist teachings on how our sense of self arises moment by moment will be offered as a reference point.

This course is part of the Basic Goodness Series, a new addition to the Shambhala curriculum. This series of three six-session courses have been designed under the supervision of Sakyong Mipham Rinpoche to offer an experiential approach to the core Shambhala teachings on basic goodness and enlightened society. They explore sequentially the basic goodness of self, of others and society, and of reality altogether. They are defined around these questions: Who Am I? How Can I Help? What Is Real?

A nine-minute video presentation of these three courses, by Acharya Adam Lobel, the main architect of this curriculum, is available at this link:

This first course is open to everyone. It is meant to be welcoming for new students, nourishing for more experienced meditators and essential for those committed to the Shambhala path.

We recommend that everyone receive basic meditation instruction at the Shambhala Center before the course starts. This is available at public sittings on Thursdays between 6:00pm and 6:45pm and on Sundays between 10:00am and noon and during the Open House on April 4th at 6:00pm.

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