Program Details

Shambhala Training Level I Weekend Retreat

with Christie Cashman
October 5 / 8:30 AM - October 6 / 2:00 PM

In Shambhala Training Level One Weekend Retreat the ancient wisdom of Shambhala comes alive in our daily existence. This first level presents the view that the world is sacred and basic goodness is our birthright. This is basic human wisdom that doesn't belong to any one culture or religious tradition - though it can be found in many of them throughout history. All humans can discover this goodness of human life and radiate that goodness into the world for the peace and sanity of others.

Shambhala Training is a path to develop the dignity of being human, using meditation as a means to develop fearlessness, confidence, openness, and gentleness toward ourselves and our world. The first in a series of trainings, Level One includes instruction on meditation, talks by the Director, group dialogues, individual conversations with experienced instructors, and a concluding celebration.

This workshop is recommended for new and experienced meditators, with an emphasis on applying the wisdom of meditation to our everyday lives.

Open to everyone. NO pre-requisite. 

Acharya Christie Cashman 
began studying the Shambhala Buddhist teachings in 1971. She teaches a full range of courses—from introductory meditation intensives at Naropa University to Vajrayana sadhana classes and Shambhala Training levels. For many years, her life has revolved around monthlong meditation retreats and intensive study. Acharya Cashman served as the international executive director of Shambhala Training from 1999 to 2003.


The Way of Shambhala series provides a strong foundation in mindfulness-awareness meditation and is composed of Shambhala Training Levels I-V, plus an optional accompanying five-week 'In Everyday Life' course. The series is designed to be applicable to the complexity of our daily lives. With gentleness and precision we can develop courage and sanity in these troubled times of uncertainty. 

The Shambhala Training Levels I-V and the Everyday Life classes can also each be taken as a stand alone series.

Over the course of a year, the Way of Shambhala introduces the entire Shambhala path. It offers a glimpse of the Shambhala vision of enlightened society by emphasizing the ways in which meditation can impact our daily lives, and from there, how the sanity of meditation can expand to impact our whole society.


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