Program Details

Basic Goodness: Who am I?

with Benoît Côté
May 24 / 7:00 PM - May 26 / 5:30 PM

Who Am I? is the first  in a series of three courses comprising a new program : The Basic Goodnesss Series, an integral  part of the curriculum of the Way of  Shambhala.

This course is a  personal exploration  of the question  ‘Who am I?’  Participants will be invited—regardless of their background or past experience—to embark upon a process of contemplative introspection. How might the asking and contemplation of this question lead to a more direct perception of reality?

The notion of Basic Goodness is at the heart of this exploration, both as content and as our orientation, meaning that we start with an attitude of open-hearted loving kindness towards ourselves rather than one of problem solving or having something to ‘fix’.

The practice of meditation allows us to uncover, access and express this attitude of loving kindness. Buddhist teachings describing how this sense of self can arise moment by moment will be referenced.


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