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The Tonglen Teachings of Pema Chodron - A Benefit!

with Sandra Ladley & Lea Barrow
April 13 / 9:00 AM - April 13 / 5:30 PM

Often people wonder if it is possible to develop more compassion and to bring more kindness into our own lives, into the workplace and into the larger society. How do we dissolve the barriers with others? In Shambhala, tonglen is the method. Please join the Berkeley Shambhala Center community and teachers Sandra Ladley and Lea Barrow as we spend a day delving into Pema's heart opening teachings on tonglen, the practice of sending and taking and exchanging self for other. As Pema has said, 

"All sentient beings without exception have bodhicitta, which is the inherent tenderness of the heart, its inherent capacity to love and care for others. But over time, in order to shield ourselves from feeling pain and discomfort, we have erected solid barriers that cover up our tenderness and vulnerability. As a result, we often experience alienation, anger, aggression, and a loss of meaning in our lives -- both individually and on a global scale. Tonglen, or the practice of sending and taking, reverses this process of hardening and shutting down by cultivating love and compassion. Instead of running from pain and discomfort, we acknolwedge them and own them fully. Instead of dwelling on our own problems, we put ourselves in other people's shoes and appreciate our shared humanity. Then the barriers start to dissolve, our hearts and minds begin to open." -- Pema Chodron

The program will include teachings, guided meditations, and group interaction and support. Some experience with mindfulness meditation is preferred.
This is a benefit for the Pema Chodron Foundation and the non-profit Berkeley Shambhala Center, which provides meditation instruction to an average of 50 new people every month, free of charge. Please consider making a generous donation. We are inviting you to donate at three different levels for this benefit: $75, $200 or $20. Please pick a level that enables you to attend and also be as generous as possible since this is a benefit. No one will be turned away for lack of funds. 

Shastri Sandra Ladley, MA and Lea Barrow, MFT, are long-time Shambhala Buddhist practitioners and teachers.
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