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Running With the Mind of Meditation

with Brandon Jellison & Timaree Bierle-Dodds
April 12 / 1:00 PM - April 12 / 4:00 PM

Distance Running or walking is often the exercise of choice for reducing stress, bringing us greater perspective and connecting us directly to the wisdom of the body. The practice of sitting meditation offers similar benefits, helping us cultivate peace and nonjudgemental awareness. Uniting running with the practice of meditation profoundly enhances our running experience.

This workshop will introduce us to the practices of sitting, walking, and running meditation. We will learn how to bring meditation practice to running using the principles presented in Sakyong Mipham's Book"Running with the Mind of Meditation". We'll try out what we learn in a meditation run or walk. We will conclude by sharing our experiences and how to bring this practice home.

This workshop is designed for runners and walkers of all levels. Prior meditation experience is not necessary.

Teachings from

 Download these guided meditations for your workouts

Running with the Mind of Meditation Instruction (without soundtrack)
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Running with the Mind of Meditation Instruction (with soundtrack)
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The Sakyong takes us through a relaxing, 15-minute workout, focusing on connecting with the present moment through synchronizing body and mind.


Brandon Jellison has been a student of Shambhala Buddhist meditation since 1999. His interest in running led him to run several events including; marathons, half marathons and many shorter races. His passion is helping people attend to their health through improving postures, enhancing movements, and cultivating vitality.


Timaree Bierle-Dodds has been a Shambhala Guide since 2010 and a member of the Shambhala Meditation Center of Boston for 13 years. She is a registered nurse and active volunteer in the Shambhala Boston community.   Her interest in Running with the Mind of Meditation is to share sitting meditation practice with others and apply the running meditation practice to jogging and walking.




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