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Susan Piver: 'Dharma of Love'

with Susan Piver
May 14 / 8:00 PM - May 14 / 10:00 PM

"Even for the most deeply practiced and skillful Buddhist practitioners, it is difficult to apply the dharma to anything that involves love and sex. When it comes to relationships, we believe our version of reality is absolutely solid and correct. There is no oxygen when you feel neglected, dismissed, suffocated, or enraged by the one you love. Oddly, it is our intimate relationships that most challenge our ability to be open, non-judgmental, compassionate, and kind.

The hardest people to love are the ones you, well, really love. What is up with that? Please join author and teacher Susan Piver to explore this topic."

This evening will be English spoken, translation to Dutch is possible.
Deze avond is Engelstalig. Vertaling is mogelijk, geef dat svp aan op het registratieformulier. 

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