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Outrageous and Inscrutable: Shambhala Training Level D

with Jane Hope & Richard Bleckman
May 17 / 7:30 PM - May 19 / 6:30 PM

The Four Dignities describe how warriors develop insight and strength that enables them to further shed their cocoons and engage fully in the world. Understanding how the dignities unfold can inspire one's journey and enable one to discern, with awareness and delight, one's progress on the path.

These fruitional dignities refer to the extraordinary skill of a practised warrior. No longer afraid of making mistakes, the unconventional and visionary perspective of the outrageous warrior combines with the skill of spontaneous inscrutability to create benefit for others on a large scale. This retreat will be led by Jane Hope and Richard Bleckman.

Jane Hope is a long-term student of Chögyam Trungpa Rinpoche and Sakyong Mipham Rinpoche, and a founding member of the London Shambhala Meditation Centre. She has been appointed by the Sakyong as a 'shastri', or senior teacher, for the UK and the Ukraine.

Richard Bleckman is a veterinary surgeon. He also trained in Body Orientated Psychotherapy and in various Western and Eastern Herbal medicines as well as Tibetan Medicine. He has been a Buddhist practitioner for over 35 years and a member of Shambhala for the last 25 years. He currently holds the position of Director of Practice and Education for Shambhala London. 

To pre-register please send a deposit of £20 payable to: 'The London Shambhala Meditation Centre' c/o London Shambhala Meditation Centre, 27 Belmont Close, London, SW4 6AY

Open to all who have completed Shambhala Training Level C.

The weekend begins with a talk on Friday at 7.30 pm, and continues on Saturday from approximately 9.30 am - 6.30 pm. Sunday continues from 9.30 am ending roughly at 6.30 pm with a small reception. Lunch is provided on both days.

Programme fee: £120 (£100 Earlybird concession if registering by 10 May). £70 Concessions available by application prior to the programme

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