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Coming to Your Senses : An Introduction to Dharma Art by John McQuade

with John McQuade
April 26 / 7:00 PM - April 26 / 9:00 PM

"The practice of dharma art is a way to use our lives to communicate without confusion the primordial and magical nature of what we see, hear, and touch." 
— Sakyong Mipham Rinpoche

Join us for this unique opportunity to hear from artist and teacher John McQuade. This is a lead in to the Contemplative Photography Workshop : Miksang Level I with John McQuade, Trudy Stern, Ray Ball. Participants are encouraged to attend. This talk is open to the public.

John McQuade has been a student of Trungpa Rinpoche since 1978. He was a close student of Vajra Rengent Ösel Tendzin and now studies with Mipham Rinpoche. His positions included Co-ordinator, Head of Education and Nalanada Co-ordinator. He teaches Buddhadharma, Shambhala and contemplative aesthetics at the Toronto Shambhala Centre and taught Miksang at the summer Naropa programs in Halifax. 

John began contemplative photography practice in the summer of 1983 and, with Michael Wood, developed the Miksang teachings and path of training. He is the co-author of Looking and Seeing: A Contemplative Photography Sourcebook and is the principle Miksang teacher in Toronto. His photographs have been exhibited in Toronto, Vermont and Halifax. He is the curator of the Nalanda Gallery program in Toronto.

"First thought is best in art." 
— Wm. Blake.

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