Program Details

Miksang Level II: Diving into the Phenomenal World

with Jake Lorfing & Jessica Winslow & Patrick Larson
October 10 / 6:00 PM - October 13 / 12:00 PM

Going Coastal – Miksang Contemplative Photography Hits the Beach!

Miksang Level II, Diving into the Phenomenal World, in Rockport, Texas

Welcome to the Heart of Miksang Contemplative Photography, taking the purified eye and mind of Level I Miksang practice (completion of Level I is a prerequisite for this offering), and dropping it gently into the phenomenal world.  In a slow and relaxed retreat setting, away from the busyness of our bustling lives, we’ll settle in and open to the astounding world around us.  Our assignments will include plants, sand and sea, landscapes large and small, and sentient beings of all shapes and sizes, as we explore the intimate relationship between the photographer and her world.  Where do I begin and end?  Where does my world begin and end?  Who is taking the photo?

The weekend includes talks, discussions, guided and individual meditation, group and individual instruction, and time for quiet explorations and group activities.  The Rockport area is rich in marine and coastal life, vibrant small town activities, and recreational opportunities.

We’ll stay at Hunt’s Castle, on the bay and a block from downtown.  The cost of the retreat is $250, plus room and board.  We begin at 6 p.m. Thursday, and end at noon on Sunday. 

For more information, contact Jake Lorfing ( or Jessica Winslow (  The number of participants is limited, and your space is guaranteed by your pre-payment.

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