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Discovering Our True Wealth

with Charity Martin
April 15 / 7:00 PM - May 20 / 9:00 PM

How to be open and sympathetic to our experience through the felt sense of the body

Six-week Somatic Group to cultivate our capacity for embodiment and self-connection.
In this group we will practice sensing, feeling, and listening to the felt experience of our bodies in the present moment. We will cultivate a deep embodied presence that will allow our inherent capacity for ease and relaxation to take root, and help us to us to become more available and open with our experience.

As we stay present to our felt or lived experience, we gain new tools and resources to work with our obstacles: the disconnection from ourselves that becomes the source of anxiety, physical and emotional pain, discursive mind, and chronic tension. We learn to be more self- loving and self-connected.

Through this process, our being becomes a source of aliveness and discovery. Our internal division between head and heart, mind and body softens, and we become more integrated: able to experience our world directly, with less self-consciousness and struggle.

Charity Martin

Charity Martin has been teaching bodywork and somatic therapeutic work to individuals and groups through her private practice in Rosen Method Bodywork and Somatic Experiencing Trauma Resolution for twenty years. She has been a student in the Shambhala Buddhist lineage for twenty-five years and a teacher of Shambhala Training since 2001. She has been a student of, and Bay Area personal secretary to, Pema Chodron for twenty years, and has also worked closely with John Welwood in his psycho/spiritual groups. She is also a teacher candidate in the Rosen Method Training program. Charity's wide experience informs her passion to help people find openness, workability, and trust in their own lived experience.

$250.00 for the class.
$325.00 for the class plus a private session with Charity in her office.
Some discounts available.
Commitment to all 6 sessions is required.

For questions or registration, contact Charity at kikisoso [at] gmail [dot] com.


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