Program Details

Milarepa Day

with Renee Cowan
March 17 / 8:00 AM - March 17 / 7:00 PM

This annual holiday celebrates the enlightenment and life example of Milarepa, the great 11th century Tibetan yogi and poet. The celebration involves reading the songs of Milarepa and other Kagyu lineage fathers in The Rain of Wisdom.

These songs are the direct personal voices of the lineage holders, sharing their
experiences of the path, practice, and realization. In chanting them, we attune our
minds to theirs, invoking the inspiration of their sanity and devotion.

All are welcome to attend all or part of this inspiring day of practice! Families are welcome as well!

Child care will be provided from 10:00am to 3:00pm.

There is no charge for the day, but donations are welcome.

Contact Kelly McCall or Renee Cowan

Regular Sunday morning sitting and meditation instruction are also available
in the small shrine room from 10 am-noon.

Chai will be offered thorough out the day

as well as “high tea” (a nourishing tea snack at 5:10pm).

Bring your own lunch.

If you come for part of the day, please try to arrive at the beginning of
the day or at a break and to stay until another break.

That said, no one will be turned away if you arrive late.


8:00am Opening remarks, morning chants, sitting, begin The Glorious Flame of Wisdom and The Rain of Wisdom.
10:00am Silent Tea break
10:15am Continue The Rain of Wisdom

Noon: Silent Lunch, bring your own!

1:00-3:00pm Continue the Rain of Wisdom
3:00-3:15pm Silent Tea break
3:15-5:10pm Continue the Rain of Wisdom

5:10-5:40pm ''High Tea''
5:40- Finish The Rain of Wisdom and The Glorious Flame of Wisdom, closing chants                               7:00pm End

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