Program Details

Intimate Conversations and the Future of our Planet (Berkeley)

with Richard Reoch
March 3 / 11:00 AM - March 3 / 12:00 PM

This program takes place at the Berkeley Shambhala Center.

The ancient teachings of Shambhala predicted a dark age of extreme greed and aggression. Those forces now threaten the survival of our planet. Many of us are asking how to deal with this personally and collectively.What is the relevance of our most intimate conversations to this global challenge?

Richard Reoch, President of Shambhala will be speaking at the Berkeley Shambhala Center this Sunday, March 3rd. Known for his work with Amnesty International, the Rainforest Foundation, and the peace process in Sri Lanka, Richard continues to be a consultant to human rights groups in many countries.

Please take advantage of this rare opportunity to engage in a conversation with Richard on the immediacy of social transformation.

Larissa at ljcanney [at] gmail [dot] com.

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