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Shambhala Training: Levels I - III and the Wisdom of the Land

with James Drescher & Margaret Drescher
June 22 / 12:00 AM - June 28 / 12:00 AM

 In this training we take particular care to draw upon the wisdom of nature.   Explore the Shambhala path of warriorship over the course of this week-long earth-based retreat. Open to beginners and those new to meditation.

         Shambhala Training is a series of contemplative workshops, suited for both beginning and experienced meditators. The simple and profound technique of mindfulness and awareness is the basis of a secular path of meditation, which can benefit people of any spiritual tradition. Shambhala Training is the study and practice of Shambhala warriorship, the tradition of human bravery and leadership. This path shows how to take the challenges of daily life in our modern society as opportunities for contemplative practice and social action.

         This program is offered for the first time as one continuous earth-based retreat. Although the housing will be indoors, and we will use an indoor meditation hall for some of our practice, most of our time will be outside of the walls, in the beautiful and tranquil natural landscape of Karme Choling.

         The practice and study in this retreat will include all the material of the Shambhala Training Levels I, II, and III (see notes below). Within this context, there will be a strong emphasis on practicing under the open sky in fields and forest, exploring the nature of our own reality as reflected in nature.

         In particular we will explore the view of “Nothing Missing” through the metaphors of “slowing the water” and “appreciating redundancy as the ground of ecological resilience”

Additional notes:


         Level I: The Art of Being Human

         Practice sitting and walking meditation and learn the basic principles of the Shambhala path of warriorship. Rediscover the good energy present in all of our experience. This basic goodness, innate to the way things are, is our own inborn, unconditional nature. Level 1 Arrival 6/22 7:30pm -  and ends 6/24 at 5pm

         Level II: Birth of the Warrior

         Intensify the discipline of meditation practice, which enables us to work with the obstacles that arise as meditation practice develops. Explore how habitual ways of thinking and experiencing obscure the raw brilliance of the world we live in and our own genuineness and tenderness. Moving forward out of these habitual patterns, we learn to work with the fear that arises. Level II Arrival 6/24 7:30 pm and ends 6/26 at 5pm

Level III: Warrior in the World

         Bring the mindfulness and awareness of meditation practice into everyday life. Alive to our sense perceptions, we can venture into the world with a vulnerability that is fearless, gentle, and awake.  Level III begins 6/26 at 7:30pm and ends at 6/28 at 5:30pm.

         Recommended Text: Shambhala: Sacred Path of the Warrior by Chogyam Trungpa Rinpoche.




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