Program Details

Awakened Heart and Open Sky; Shambhala Training: Levels IV - V

with Irini Rockwell
June 28 / 12:00 AM - July 4 / 12:00 AM

Shambhala Training Levels IV and V are the concluding levels of the Heart of Warriorship program. These two levels provide a strong foundation in mindfulness-awareness meditation practice, emphasizing the development of genuine confidence, humor, and personal dignity within the complexity of daily life.

The levels can be taken separately, but the program is offered as one continuous retreat. Completion of Levels IV and V is one of the prerequisites for the Way of Shambhala: Rigden: Unconditional Confidence.

Level IV: Awakened Heart

When we enter the world in an open and vulnerable way, we let the world touch our heart, and our heart wakes up to the touch. We encounter the world with clear perception, free from our conventional ways of thinking and experiencing.  The program begins at 7:30pm 6/28 and ends 7/1 at 5pm.

Level V: Open Sky

With our body resting on the earth, no different from the earth, and our mind resting in the sky, no different from the sky, we encounter the vastness of heaven joined with the primordial depth of earth in our own being. This state is the basis for our activity in the world.  This program begins at 7:30pm 7/1 and ends 7/3 in the evening.  Departure day is 7/4.


Material Fee :  $17

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