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with Marcy Fink & Sharon Owyang
April 25 / 7:30 PM - May 23 / 9:30 PM

This course introduces students to the principles of the tantric path of vajrayana Buddhism. The vajrayana Buddhist teachings are considered the highest and most profound path of dharma; their power and magic are based on the view that wisdom can be discovered in the midst of confusion.

This course provides a direct and experiential picture of the tantric world, with emphasis on the practice of meditation. Topics include:

• The Tantric Practitioner and Vajra Nature • The Mandala Principle • The Vajra Master and Transmission • Visualization and Abhisheka • Being and Manifesting: The Trikaya • The Question of Magic and the Notion of Devotion

In addition to talks and discussion, we will be viewing a series of lectures given by Chögyam Trungpa Rinpoche at the Naropa Institute in 1974, which eventually led to the book Journey without Goal upon which this course is based.

Pre-requisites: Way of Shambhala II classes Karma and the 12 Nidanas and Lojong

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