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Wisdom of the Emotions: Retreat on the Five Buddha Families

with Jenny Bondurant
November 22 / 6:00 PM - November 29 / 9:00 PM

This week-long retreat will include meditation instruction and practice, mindful eating, dharma talks, and group discussions. In addition, we will practice the Maitri Five Wisdom Energies practice (described below). This practice is accessible to people without extensive training in meditation, and practitioners of all levels are welcome. There will also be separate teachings for Vajrayana students.

Participants may stay at the center or commute. Retreat participants are welcome to join the Shambhala community for a festive Thanksgiving dinner at the Center, and also have the option of going home to celebrate with their families.

An inspiring way to enter the dark season of the year!

The Wisdom of the Emotions: The Practice of the Five Buddha Families
Our thoughts and emotions can lock us in struggle or freeze us in an attempt to bypass our confusion, yet the emotions themselves are also doorways to our inherent wisdom. In an atmosphere of loving kindness, we will learn to ride the dynamic and ever-changing energy of our minds and discover that at the heart of our confusion is a wealth of openness, clarity, love, equanimity and skillful action.

This practice comes from the tantric tradition and was introduced by Chogyam Trungpa Rinpoche in a way that is accessible to people without extensive training in meditation. An integral part of the Contemplative Psychology Department at Naropa University, this practice is a way of awakening awareness of our natural state of mind, and deepening our ability to work effectively and dynamically with others.

Five Wisdom Energies is practiced by maintaining particular postures in five different colored environments. Each posture evokes one of the five wisdom energies. The emphasis of the practice is on discovering within these raw and wakeful energies unconditional friendliness towards oneself.

Jenny Bondurant began practicing meditation in 1980 under the direction of her teacher Chogyam Trungpa Rinpoche. She has completed the traditional Buddhist three-year retreat and for many years has been a senior teacher in the Shambhala Buddhist tradition. She is a faculty member of the Psychology Department at Naropa University, where she teaches and leads meditation retreats based on the practice of the Five Buddha Families.

Prerequisites: This program is open to everyone.

Registration: Please register online in advance, whether you are paying at that time or at a later date. This will allow you to receive any pre-class information and helps us to plan for the program.

Payment Options: You may pay online by credit or debit card through PayPal (it is not necessary to have a PayPal account) or by mailing a check to the Center. If you plan to mail a check, please note this in the comment field of the online registration form. Your place in the program is guaranteed when payment is received.

Generosity Policy: We are committed to making it possible for everyone to participate in our programs regardless of financial circumstances. Please see our Program Policies and FAQs page for more information. If the fee for this program presents an obstacle to your participation, please contact Tom Gaylord at the time of registration to pre-arrange a reduced amount that will make it possible for you to attend.

Location: Seattle Shambhala Center, 3107 E Harrison St, Seattle.

Questions? Please contact Tom Gaylord.

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