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Mindful Earth- A Day of Art, Music, Food, Ecology and Community

March 23 / 10:00 AM - March 23 / 9:00 PM

Mindful Earth is about our relationships.  It is about the kind of culture that we create together.  That culture can be an expression of our appreciation for ourselves, other people and our world, or it can be one that is based on fear, aggresion and materialism.  Please join us for the mostly free series of events in which we explore what it means to create a culture of appreciation and creativity.  All ages are welcomed.

10am – Noon  Natural Cooking Class w/ Suzanne Hill - $15 per person

With an ever-growing awareness of the harms of conventionally grown and raised foods, I've become more committed than ever to making sure that every meal I prepare is as truly healthful as it is tasty.  I strongly believe that by practicing mindful cooking and supporting the local farming community, we can each make a difference - whether it's just becoming more healthy ourselves, or by contributing to the health and economy of others as well.  In this class I will show how creating fresh, healthy meals from local sources can be easy and inexpensive, rather than time consuming and costly.  – Suzanne Hill, Culinary Extraodinaire

4pm- 5pm  Chlorophyll: A Naturalist’s Quartet

The newly formed musical group Chlorophyll: A Naturalist’s Quartet composes and performs music inspired by meditations on Plant Life, Earth’s Natural Processes, and our Human Relationship to our Environment. As we receive happiness and joy from the aroma of a rose and the sight of a sunflower, we also absorb vibrations produced by those qualities.  Through musical composition, Chlorophyll wishes to participate in the re-ignition of a once existing compassionate awareness between humans and plants.   Donations are encouraged.

In a world where our human existence is lacking in consideration or appreciation for our symbiotic relationship with Earth we must actively re-learn and practice a way of living that once was, and still is, compassionately involved in the web of life.  - Stephen Wood, Composer and Founder of Chlorophyll Quartet

5:30pm – 6:30pm Pot Luck

We are inviting everyone to bring your favorite healthy dish and join us for a pot-luck dinner.  Perhaps we can discover together how food that appeals to our senses can also make us healthier.  The flavor of a fresh tomato or handful of spinach can hold all the wisdom that we need.

The more I feel connected to what I eat, consume, make, do, say, and all the ways I interweave with our bountiful and dynamic home, our living planet, the more I feel the preciousness and opportunity of this very moment.  My connection to these things brings ease, softness, and inspiration, because I know it is possible to show up in our home not being paralyzed by fear, aggression, and despair.  - Aaron Pincus, Discussion Leader

7pm – 9pm  Film Home and Discussion

Home presents the many wonders of planet Earth.  Produced to inspire action and encourage thoughtful debate, Home poses the prospect that unless we act quickly, we risk losing the only home we may ever have.

The urgency I feel can be met with mindfulness, and used to connect me to the world around me rather than separate it into us/them. However, my tender heart tells me there is more to the story. Sharing a meal with friends, walking outside with clients, laying in the grass on this clear spring day, these are basic goodness. Ecology shows us that true health and wealth come from mutual indebtedness and interconnection, and that is what we can do together.  - Brandy Hall, Discussion Leader and Permaculture Educator

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