Program Details

Year 3 Seminars

with Jeffrey Stevens
February 28 / 6:30 PM - May 9 / 9:00 PM

Our second series of Year 3 classes will explore the teachings of the first stage of the path of warriorship, which we have learned as meekness. This series consists of six Seminars every other Thursday evening.

Our classes will continue with the format we developed in the first series of Year 3 classes: journal exercises, open question periods, prepared question periods, and meditative workshop explorations. New to this series will be the integration of online class enhancements which will include recordings, documents, and discussions, as well as material from previous classes in the Year 3 series. You will receive a link as soon as you register through the SMCD website.

Course Fee is $145.

Prerequisites: Completion of the Way of Shambhala Years 1 and 2 Curriculum - both weekend retreats and evening courses or previous agreement with Shastri Stevens. Please contact Shastri Stevens if you have questions about the prerequisites.

About Shastri Jeffrey Stevens:

A longtime student of Sakyong Mipham Rinpoche, Jeffrey began studying and practicing the Shambhala Buddhist path in 1992. He has an academic background in philosophy, anthropology, and Indo-Tibetan Buddhism. His occasionally humorous teaching style emphasizes a precise understanding of the mechanics of meditation, and he encourages students to articulate what they have learned with each new step in their education. In his professional life, he is a founding partner of August Wealth Group, a financial management company. He serves as Shastri, a senior teacher of the Shambhala tradition, at the Shambhala Meditation Center of Denver.

Generosity Policy: We are pleased so many people have been able to attend previous programs by taking advantage of SMCD's Generosity Policy over the years. If you are interested in continuing with the Year 3 Seminars offered by Shartsi Stevens, we want you to know that the Generosity Policy is available to Members of SMCD for these programs -- this is a change as of August 2012.

If you are a member of Shambhala (SMCD or another Center or Group), please contemplate how much you can offer and give more or the suggested amount above based on your individual circumstances. The suggested program price reflects our costs to offer the program. Our generosity policy supports individuals who have special circumstances and need to "pay-what-you-can" due to financial hardship. To take advantage of our generosity policy, please contact us in advance of this Program at: Thank you!

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