Program Details

Leadership Retreat

February 23 / 12:00 AM - February 23 / 12:00 AM

This is the first of 3 online teachings preceding the Three Pillar Leadership Retreat with Sakyong Mipham Rinpoche May 16-19.  These talks are intended to prepare the ground for the teachings presented within the retreat. They are strongly recommended for all participants but are not, however, a requirement to attend the retreat.

The only requirement for attendance in this online session is to be an active leader with a related role in Practice and Education as follows: Acharyas, Shastris, all teachers, Meditation Instructors, Shambhala Guides, Chopons, and all others in the "Centre Admin Function" field of the SDB, which includes roles such as "Shambhala Resident Director" and "Nalanda Coordinator," etc.

Please register here and plan to arrive at 12:45pm.  Fee $10

An honorarium will be offered to the Sakyong and centers are asked to collect $10 per person. We will collect those offerings after the talk at the front desk.

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