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The Art of War Ancient Strategies in Modern Times

with Peter van der Molen & Jan Frans Sturm
April 12 / 7:00 PM - April 14 / 4:00 PM

Nowadays we digest a mountain of information. We need to take more decisions and at a faster rate than ever in history before. These come on top of the normal questions and challenges of our lives... Yet, also Sun Tuz‘s Art of War is more widely read than ever before!

This program presents an entirely fresh and new approach, how we can lead our life in a strategic way. It draws upon the ancient wisdom of the Art of War, but made simple and applicable in our daily life.

As Dorje Kasung we have a unique and long connection with ­Sun Tzu‘s teachings, as we apply them to achieve „Victory over War“. Both Dr. Peter C. van der Molen, Rupön and Jan-Frans Sturm, Rupön, Denma Advisor are long-serving Dorje Kasung and will lead this weekend together. They have served throughout Europe and abroad in various campaigns and many different posts. They will present a uniquely modern way of using this ancient wisdom, so that it helps us to take charge of our life.

The program will start in Friday April 12 at 19.30h and end on Sunday April 14 at 16.00h.
Attending the first evening is required for attending the weekend!

Please register in advance for this program with
Rusung Nicole Preuss at
or +49 6421 948971.

Program costs will be 90€.
under 30 and over 70 year old people pay 30€.

Handouts will be provided during the program.

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