Program Details

The Desung Path: Embodying Innate Harmony

with Dennis Southward
March 8 / 7:00 PM - March 10 / 3:00 PM

The practice of the Desung arm of the Dorje Kasung cultivates access to  innate harmony. With the aspiration that everything can be brought to the path in establishing sane society, we work to personally embody the reality of an unconditionally joined heaven and earth. Difficult situations and disharmonies arise in any community. Working with Community Care Councils and other community leaders we commit to a process facilitating the surrender of fixed mind as a means to bring about a society based on the inherent goodness of the phenomenal world.                    

            The first orders for a Desung officer were issued in 1984 to Dennis Southward, Dopon M.   

            During this training we will work with our minds, from a fruition perspective, to develop the openness

            and compassion necessary to abide in the warriors world as ordinary human beings. 


Weekend cost for the program $140

Shambhala Generosity Policy Applies.  See contact below for special discounts.


Uniform: KD Barrack (or the closest you have).  Non-DK wear comfortable, warm, layered clothing.

This program is held at the Windhorse Retreat center. For information and Registration, click here:


Windhorse Retreat Center  is located 45 miles North of Milwaukee, WI the site is adjacent to a natural forest and the wonders of our natural world.  And at this time of year it’s friendly warmth is especially inviting.  Information and Directions here:

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