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Yeshe Tsogyal: Transmuting Mishap into Opportunity

with Melissa Moore
March 22 / 7:00 PM - March 24 / 12:00 PM

Please Note: This is the rescheduled last evening and weekend of this class series open only to those who have completed the first 4 classes.

A course of study and practice, of working with strong and difficult circumstances as welcome steps along the path.

Yeshe Tsogyal is known as the Queen of Samsara and Nirvana, and therefore therefore makes a perfect role model for us, in this modern age where we are forced to interact in the world to discover daily life as an opportunity for enlightenment. This study group will delve into an array of assigned readings from Lady of the Lotus-Born: The Life and Enlightenment of Yeshe Tosgyal; and other readings from the Shambhala Lineage that will help to illuminate Yeshe Tsogyal’s pith instructions of how to transmute mishap into a process of awakening the heart. 

This course is about how to work with difficult emotions and circumstances of life through the lens of Buddhist practice and study.  Also, it will touch on how to turn our minds to sanity versus habit and includes a survey of Buddhist instructions, both ancient and modern, to help us deepen and trust this inherent capacity of seeking wisdom in ourselves.

Course format:  Weekly readings will be assigned and participants are expected to come back having read the assigned study material in order to be prepared to discuss and apply the readings to their life circumstances.  Some sitting, brief practice instruction talks and group practice will accentuate a practice-oriented experiential dive into the depths and blessings of feminine principle in order to discover the potency of the heart.  Saturday and Sunday will be a mini-retreat held at Open Sky Retreat Space (in Sebastopol), with sitting and group experience — and a celebration. More details will be available soon.

Friday, March 22:  Jealousy and Envy, effortless effort and Primal Wisdom All Accomplishing [at Santa Rosa Shambhala Center]

Saturday, Saturday Evening and half day Sunday, March 23-24:  Sloth and dullness, Primal Wisdom All Embracing Space [at Open Sky Retreat Space, Sebastopol]

Acharya Melissa Moore brings a life of practice and commitment to awakening the potency of the heart through the Mandala of the 5 Buddha Families and through her extensive teaching experience in Contemplative Psychology. She is well practiced in both the Tibetan Kaygu and Nyingma traditions, as well as the Shambhala Terma. She has been a student of Yeshe Tsogyal’s work for over 20 years. She has been practicing in Shambhala since 1979.


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