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Mantra Rolling

February 23 / 9:00 AM - April 20 / 12:00 PM

Karmê Chöling is in the process of building The Stupa That Conquers All Directions and needs your help. Stupas predate the Buddha as burial mounds for important figures. Since the Buddha’s parinirvana, stupas gained their current significance as a physical structure that maintains the connection to the essence of the Buddha’s spiritual presence, truth, and power. Thus, the stupa radiates this presence into the physical environment for anyone to experience. 

There are eight types of stupas typically built within the Tibetan tradition. These eight types correspond to different events in the Buddha’s life. The Stupa That Conquers All Directions will be an Enlightenment Stupa, representing the moment at which the Buddha transcended all obscurations and attained enlightenment. Additionally, the stupa will also honor the memory and wisdom teachings of the Venerable Chögyam Trunga Rinpoche. Precious objects and relics of the Vidyadhara will fill the stupa, thus radiating the vision of Basic Goodness and Enlightened Society throughout the Shambhala community and the world.

Please come join this project in partnership with our sister land center, Karmê Chöling, located in Barnet, VT. We will be rolling mantras, which are an integral part of the building of the stupa. These mantras will then be used to hand cast the small plaster icons used to build the internal structure of the stupa. Each session will be three hours long and open and close with chants. Instruction will be given at each session, as well as a further explication of the building of The Stupa That Conquers All Directions. 

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