Program Details

The Desung Path: Embodying Innate Harmony Joining Heaven and Earth

with Dennis Southward
March 8 / 7:00 PM - March 10 / 12:00 PM

The Desung arm of the Dorje Kasung is a practice that protects access to harmony, to unconditional mind & works with the health & wellbeing of the community. The first orders for a desung officer were issued in 1984 to Dennis Southward, Dapon M. The desung path is about working with one’s own mind, it is about feeling, bringing our­selves to genuineness & opening to compassion. Desung, as path, work with obstacles that naturally arise in daily life from non-fixed mind & the view of innate goodness in the phenomenal world. From this ground clarity & precision can arise on the spot.

Weekend cost for the program $140

This program is open to experienced Kasung, previous Desung Training participants, those holding Shambhala Center leadership positions, and those with strong connec­tions to working with their local community and its health and well-being. This pro­gram also serves as the training required for those interested in entering the Desung Arm.

All inquiries please contact:
Khenchen Jan Jercinovic
Desung Officer, Lion Region

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