Program Details

Vajrayana Practice Weekend

September 14 / 9:00 AM - September 15 / 4:15 PM

Please note: there is a RSVP sheet - sign up here if you are coming so that those that are trying to make group requirements can ensure that others will join them.

Saturday Feb 16 (self staffed, main shrineroom):

9:00-12 opening chants & practice

12  - 1pm lunch  

1pm to 4pm vajrayana practice

4pm closing chants

5pm Werma Feast - Special Note: Acharya Chapman will be offering a talk during the feast.  (please RSVP)


Sunday Feb 17:

9:00am Opening Chants in Main Shrine Room then practice in small shrine room (Shamata in large shrine room)

11:30am Maitri Bhavana in main shrine room 

1:00pm - 4pm  Vajrayana practice

4:00 – 5:30pm Shambhala Sadhana Feast (for those authorized) in main shrine room.  


Please  use the Google doc to let us know your intentions for practice and the feast. It is very helpful for feast prep and also for those seeking group practice


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