Program Details

Abiding Hearts ~ Well-being in Transitions

April 26 / 7:00 PM - April 26 / 8:30 PM

Loss is a natural part of life, happening moment-to-moment in ways both small and large: loss is, simply, the separation from something or someone that we cared for, cherished, loved. The loss of a dream, a job, a loved one, an animal companion, are just a few of the many examples.

Grief and bereavement are natural human processes, ranging from the small, unacknowledged, almost unseen losses of daily living; to those occurring over time, as in long-term illness; or as sudden, unexpected loss, sending shockwaves through the life of the survivor.

All loss & grief change the life that WAS into the life that IS… a change as soft as an ocean wave or that as fierce as a lightening bolt, fracturing into almost unrecognizable pieces the life that was.

In this meeting, mindfulness-based practices will be introduced and practiced to facilitate each unique, individual journey through loss, grief, and bereavement. By gathering together to learn and share these practices, an intentional community will come alive, a place in which it is always safe to show up and share genuinely the personal experience of loss, grief, & bereavement. Together we will awaken our own Abiding Heart, and find Wellness in Transitions.

Generousity policy applies: Donation amounts are simply a suggestion. You are welcome to attend and donate more or less, as circumstances allow.

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