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Dallas Shambhala Salon and Potluck Dinner [6:45 to 9 pm]

March 7 / 6:45 PM - March 7 / 9:00 PM


A salon is a gathering of people held partly to amuse one another and partly to increase knowledge through conversation. In Shambhala culture, a salon includes food to enjoy and a topic around which participants can have a casual and free-ranging conversation.  

The topic focus will be the Enlightened Society Treatise by Sakyong Mipham which will be read 5:30-6:30 pm.

This salon is special!  It is your chance to interact with Acharya Moh Hardin and Sangyum Cynde Grieve. During dinner we will discuss how we can put these ideas to work for the benefit of others and the world.  This will not be a lead or facilitated conversation, just “enlightened dinner chitchat.”

The Sakyong has suggested that possible questions for discussion might include:

  • How does this Treatise make you feel or think about your own basic nature, or the principles that you follow in your life?

  • How does the view of the basic goodness of society make you feel about contemporary, global society?

  • What do you feel are the main principles of contemporary society?


Those who do not wish to participate in the reading of the Enlightened Society Treatise are also welcome to attend the pot luck dinner and discussion. Bring your family and friends.

Everyone is invited to bring a dish and a beverage. 

Please register and use the "Comments" field to indicate what delicious dish you intend to bring.

For questions, contact Joan Keagy, Practice and Study Coordinator,

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