Program Details

Radical Goodness

April 12 / 7:00 PM - April 13 / 11:00 PM

with Marguerite Drescher, Adam Lobel, Noel McLellan, Sera Thompson & Ryan Watson


“Thus a good human society was created on this earth....”

Social transformation is a profound personal and collective journey. It requires shifting our own reference points and assumptions. It requires taking radical responsibility for our world, our ecosystem, and our society. And it requires revolutionary changes in our political and economic structures. Shifting the destructive trajectory of our global society would take a miracle. Miracles happen.

Please join us in this exploration of personal and political practices to confront and transform materialism and consumerism within our own hearts, in our daily lives, and in our society. This experiential workshop will include meditation and contemplation, and creative dialogue practices which invite deep collective wisdom. Throughout our time together we will strive to enter into pro-active and generative conversations about the big picture social challenges and structures that we all participate in creating, and ways we can create new patterns that embody our highest aspirations for our planet and society. The program will end with a social celebration, 8-11pm on Saturday. Details to be confirmed.

Generosity policy applies: pay what you can afford. ◊Please bring your own lunch.

Marguerite Drescher
Marguerite DrescherMarguerite is an artist, graphic facilitator, mother and change maker. She is committed to practices of listening, meditation, creative process and conversation. She works and lives in Halifax, Nova Scotia.


Ryan Watson
Ryan WatsonRyan is working to bring practices for social transformation to the largest scale. In addition to building leadership capacity and facilitating change in organizations and communities, he is particularly focused on re-imagining and re-building the economic and political systems that shape our societies.


Adam Lobel
Adam LobelAdam leads workshops on meditation, Buddhist philosophy, and the social vision of Shambhala. In his role as the Kalapa Acharya, Adam presides over Practice and Education within Shambhala, responsible for curriculum and path development as well as training Shambhala teachers.


Sera Thompson
Sera ThompsonSera supports leaders who are working to regenerate systems and structures that have the capacity to respond to the complex challenges of our time. She creates spaces for collaborative innovation by designing and hosting change labs, strategic dialogues, conferences, communities of practice, conflict transformations, and civic engagement. She has recently been working on several regional initiatives looking at issues including public health, sustainable food, alternative energy, transportation, and shifting systemic racism.

Noel McLellan
Noel McLellanNoel is an Acharya (senior Shambhala teacher) and a junior high school teacher. He teaches meditation, leadership, cultural transformation and social engagement to teenagers and adults using traditional Buddhist dharma, playful sense perception exercises, arts, and body-mind disciplines.

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