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Basic Goodness II - How Can I Help? The Basic Goodness of Society

with Linda Mockeridge & Betsy Pond
April 4 / 7:00 PM - May 9 / 9:00 PM


This course is now open to everyone.  While the recommended courses would be most helpful, new students are encouraged to join us.

Recommendations:  Basic Goodness I, or Level I, or Contentment in Everyday Life 

This is the second course of the Basic Goodness Series.

 How can I help?  The Basic Goodness of Society

The second course asks the question, “How can I help?” and explores our relationships with others, an aspiration to help our world, and specific aspects of social transformation. We look at a Shambhala understanding of society, and what enlightened society may be. Is society something that is ultimately confused, or is there goodness in human society?  The course focuses on transforming four aspects of society:  relations with family (household), professional life, entertainment, and economy. We learn the traditional Mahayana practice of “sending and taking” (tonglen).

 The Basic Goodness Series is an introduction to the view of Shambhala, taught in an experiential way.  The key difference between the Everyday Life series and the Basic Goodness series is that the Everyday Life classes emphasize personal transformation in everyday life while the Basic Goodness Courses emphasize the experiential study of view and meaning.  The Basic Goodness Series is the next step after completing the Everyday Life Series OR it can be the first series of courses that you take.

 The Basic Goodness Series is comprised of 3 courses.  Each course has a question and a title.

 1. Who am I?  The Basic Goodness of Being Human  [6 classes]

2. How can I help?  The Basic Goodness of Society [6 classes]

3. What is Real?  The Basic Goodness of Reality [6 classes]

 We would greatly appreciate your registering online before the class, so that we can anticipate class size for material preparation and so the Coordinator can email you before the first class with additional information about the first class meeting.

Registration is confirmed by payment.  We accept payment plans, e.g. post-dated checks.  If full payment is an obstacle, please contact the Head of Way of Shambhala, Jackie Snyder  for other options. 

If you have the means to provide a full or partial scholarship for someone else to attend this program, your donation is welcomed.

If you have any questions, please contact Course Coordinator Jackie Snyder 

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