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Shambhala Day Celebration

February 11 / 11:00 AM - February 11 / 2:30 PM

Shambhala Day - Year of the Water Snake

You are warmly invited to join the Gainesville Shambhala Meditation Group in celebrating Shambhala Day.  We will practice the 'Elixir of Life Sadhana', enjoy a community lunch and participate in the international conference call.

When: Monday, February 11, 2013
Time:  11:00 am to 2:30 pm
Location: 4610 NW 15th Place, Gainesville
RSVP: Charles Burnell, send email to

Note regarding the Roll Call:
The Shambhala Day Roll Call will be pre-recorded this year.  We will record our 3 second contribution this Saturday, February 2nd, 11 am at the Burnell's home.  Please come help us if you can. We would love to include everybody - it's your chance to be famous!)

Shambhala Day, Year of the Water Snake

The Sakyong, Jamgon Mipham Rinpoche will give his Shambhala Day address live from Halifax at 2pm Atlantic Standard Time on that date. (1 pm Gainesville time).

This is a wonderful occasion to spend time together as we make a fresh start for the new year.  The Sakyong and Sakyong Wangmo have been placing much emphasis on the importance of gathering as a society, to enjoy each other's company, and to share our warrior cultural traditions of hosting, dining together and celebrating in an uplifted manner. 

Some centres will practice the Elixir of Life Sadhana with their communities, or simply sit together.

The Sakyong recently said "We should spend social time with our fellow Shambhalians to share in the "morning quality" that Shambhala Day brings, the opportunity for a fresh start is very powerful.  Each community has its' own flavour, but people should think about celebrations in a way that is exciting for them.  The common factor is our lineage, our clan and our shared values."

The Sakyong's Address - Listening together as an international sangha to the Sakyong's address about the tone for the coming year is a long-standing Shambhala tradition, whether your community is able to participate live or you watch the recording of the online broadcast at a more convenient time. 

Saturday, February 9 - a very important day to practice, as it is said to be the peak of the don or "obstacles" season.  Join in the recitation of Mamo Chants if you can, or participate in other group practice.

Sunday, February 10 - the day before Shambhala Day is said to be a "neutral day."  It is traditional to thoroughly clean our home shrines on this day, and to make special or "best" offerings for the new year.  This is also a great time to focus on our Shambhala Households, to tidy up, to prepare our space for a fresh start,  and to make ready for hosting friends.

Monday, February 11 - Shambhala Day is the day that we all come together to practice and hear the Sakyong's address to the international sangha.  Some centres may be hosting social events on this day, and some may hold their social gatherings at another time - but either way - please enjoy the company of your warrior brothers and sisters to toast and enjoy the new year together!

For those centres and groups that are not able to attend live, a streaming recording will be available soon after the end of the live broadcast, and a downloadable .mp4 recording will be available the following day.

The roll call has always been a traditional part of the Shambhala Day broadcast – a wonderful chance for us to see and hear each other across time and space. We want to experiment with a new way to do the roll call.

We are asking centres and groups to submit, in advance, a VERY SHORT (2-4 seconds long) video clip of their centre or group, from which we will make a pre-recorded film that will be shown at the beginning of the live broadcast. The clip can be anything you want – open house visitors waving at the camera, your governing council holding up a sign, your centre director shouting “Ki ki so so!” or anything else you would like to send to represent your centre or group.

Year in Review film: This will be available as either a streaming YouTube video, or a high definition file that you can download and then watch offline (you will need Quicktime or VLC to view it that way). The film will be approximately 21 minutes long.

International Fundraising: This year, many centres have opted to print the pledge cards for the international fundraising portion of the broadcast locally.

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