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Chado: The Way of Tea

February 16 / 4:30 PM - June 29 / 6:00 PM


10-lesson Class in Japanese Chado

Cha-do (The Way of Tea) is a Japanese contemplative art with Zen roots. Austin Shambhala Meditation Center will offer a 10-lesson class in “bon ryaku” (tray method), which you can learn to do for yourself, family, & friends.  It will be limited to 4 or 5 students.  The series is $250.  It will be Saturdays 3:30-5, in Shambhala’s Smith House, starting Feb. 16. Please contact Sheila Sensei at or 512-757-4357, leaving your name & contact info.

 Please note that there is one Sunday class which will meet from 3:00-4:30. Otherwise, class meets on Saturdays from 4:30-6 pm.

The Tea Ritual is practice in a harmonious way of life. The action meditation of preparing and receiving a bowl of tea trains awareness that extends to all daily activities. The key to this ancient practice is action in harmony with others and environment. Its principles are harmony, respect, purity, and enlightened tranquility. Its purpose is to realize tranquility in communion with others within the environment. One practices preparing and receiving a bowl of tea in a meditative, harmonious way with deep appreciation of other persons, arts and crafts, and nature. Thus it is truly said by a Urasenke master that peace on earth can begin with a bowl of tea. Chado, which captured the heart of Chögyam Trungpa, Rinpoche, arises from roots among Zen monks in 12th Century Japan. Imbued with Buddhist view, the essence of Chado cannot be put into words, it can only be experienced. 

To register, please contact Sheila Fling (tea name Soshin) at or 512-847-2159.

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