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5 Steps to a Meditation Practice

with Michael Greenleaf
September 13 / 7:00 PM - September 13 / 9:00 PM

Please join us as Acharya Michael Greenleaf discusses the basics of a successful meditation practice.

This talk will be a thorough discussion of mindfulness-awareness meditation practice from one of Shambhala's most respected and accomplished meditation teachers.

At Acharya Greenleaf's request, this program is FREE for Shambhala Meditation Center of Albany members!

The modern schedule is one of extremes: Intense weeks of work, enjoyable but often challenging time with family, consistently shifting schedules. Even in our so-called time-off, there is pressure to accomplish unfulfilled aspirations.

Life is a push, and the discipline of sitting quietly without interruption seems an unrealistic, if not antiquated, ideal from another time. While we aspire to be consistent in the practice of meditation, predictably, obstacles with their own momentum arise, keeping us busy and seemingly uncapable of slowing down.

The Buddhist tradition puts meditation and contemplation at the center of a life well-lived. The traditional literature from the India and Tibet names 6 requirements for the establishment of a meditation practice. Originally addressed to aspiring monastics, these recommendations reflect a culture that supported the pursuit of a contemplative life. Could they have relevance for the challenges we face today?

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