Program Details

Return to Your Senses

with Michael Atkinson
February 19 / 7:00 PM - March 5 / 8:45 PM

Return to Your Senses -  Three new evenings of Sensory Awareness


   Sensory Awareness consists of simple, gentle experiments to open fresh contact with our selves and our world.  Engaging ever more deeply with ordinary activities - standing up or sitting down, coming into contact with any object, reaching out to receive - our natural intelligence and vitality can emerge.

   New experiments will be offered each evening.  Some will experience deep relaxation; others, a primordial connection to the environment; still others, a new meaning in the simplest experiences.

   Sensory Awareness workshops have been offered at Naropa since its very beginning.  And Suzuki Rosi (Zen Mind, Beginner's Mind) made certain it was taught to all his students.

Michael Atkinson, a member of the international Sensory Awareness Leaders Guild, has trained in this approach for thirty-five years.  For information on Sensory Awareness, visit

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