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Outer War, Inner Peace: Finding an Antidote to Violence

with Paul Kendel & Gary Allen
April 13 / 9:00 AM - April 13 / 4:00 PM

Too often, the traumatic experiences of combat can rage on as an inner war even upon returning home. While the external conflict may have ended, internal conflict continues, taking its toll on personal health, wellbeing and relationships. Mindfulness practices can develop a calm, clear state of mind, cultivate gentleness towards oneself and others, and a sense of inner peace. Designed for veterans and non-veterans, this retreat includes talks, discussions and a variety of mindfulness practices. In a safe and intimate setting, participants will share and learn from one another. Optional one-on-one meetings will also be offered. Participants will return home from this transformative experience with concrete ways to integrate mindfulness into their daily lives.

SSG. Paul Kendel’s story became part of the inspiration for The Ratna Peace Initiative to develop a pilot secular meditation program for combat veterans suffering from post-traumatic stress disorder called the “Veterans Peace of Mind Project,”

Gary Allen began practicing dharma with Shambhala's founder, Chogyam Trungpa Rinpoche in 1978. He’s lived for much of his life in Boulder, Colorado, where he is currently the Education Director for The Ratna Peace Initiative, which teaches meditation to prison inmates and to military veterans with post-traumatic stress disorder. Gary founded the Seoul Shambhala Meditation Group while living in South Korea for five years teaching English. He now travels in the United States, directing Shambhala Training weekend meditation retreats. He has two degrees in Writing and Poetics from the Naropa University and has published two books of poetry: The Missionary Who Forgot His Name (Selva Editions) and Love Strolls Among Its Own Fires (Turquoise Dragon Press).

** Don't miss the Friday night talk & book signing by Paul Kendel on Friday, April 12 at 7pm: Walking the Tiger's Path: A Soldier's Spiritual Journey in Iraq

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