Program Details

Shambhalawiki Training

with Harald Ronge
January 24 / 7:30 PM - January 24 / 9:30 PM

Open for all members of Shambhala Netherlands. Language will be Dutch.

"Wiki" is hawaiian for quick. How did Wikipedia become the monster it is now?
Through one basic principle:

                Everybody can edit!

How can we best make use of the power of the Wiki-principle for Shambhala?
We need to create a culture.

The Shambhalawiki is becoming used widely now within the Dutch Shangha.
It is used as an audio-archive, for documentation of (local) training material and scripts, for working groups like the European Family Working Group etc. etc.
And it is the principal means for transparancy of governance for Shambhala Amsterdam.

During this workshop you will learn:

  •     the principles behind the use of the Shambhalawiki

  •     to find information in the Wiki

  •     to edit existing pages

  •     to create new pages and put them in the right place

It is most helpful if you visit the Shambhalawiki at before the workshop. Dutch members can log in with their Shambhala account and password. Browse the site, search for a term, edit a page (carefully), create a new one. Please take notes of any questions, comments or ideas you might have. We will make use of your questions during the workshop.

You are very welcome to bring your own laptop. If there are enough laptops present we can collectively create the documentation of this workshop on the spot! As an exercise for ourselves and to help others in their suffering. Does that sound familiar?

But of course you are also welcome just to come blank, unprepared and lap-topless.
The only real requirement is an open mind.

Please join! Registering is encouraged.

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