Program Details

Envisioning Center Relocation - Special Members Meeting

January 21 / 7:00 PM - January 21 / 9:00 PM


In May, 2015, the current lease for Dallas Shambhala's space expires. We need to decide well in advance of that date whether to move.


Dallas Shambhala has an immediate opportunity to partner on the purchase of a building. We members need to consider whether this location would serve the community's needs.


Dallas Shambhala does not yet have funds raised for moving. To make this happen, we would need to ask investors to step forward from among the community to make the investment on the center's behalf.


One way this could work would be for the investors to purchase the space and lease to Dallas Shambhala until such time as we could purchase the property outright.


Member Angela Alston and her husband Hugh Resnick will facilitate the meeting. They are spearheading Dallas Cohousing (, the intentional community making the purchase. Hugh is a commercial real estate broker, and can explain the investment opportunity in detail.


Questions to consider

Who might invest

The neighborhood (the Cedar area just south of downtown)

Who we currently serve

Growing membership


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