Program Details

Ikebana Practice

March 29 / 2:30 PM - March 29 / 5:30 PM

Here is our practice schedule for the first quarter of 2013.

The person listed for each date and time below is called the "lead". If you would like to practice with them,
which they would welcome, please contact them at least 24 hours in advance by email. This way time,
material acquisition, theme, etc can be discussed/confirmed.

Friday 4th @ 2pm Amy Aycrigg
Friday 11th @ 2:30pm Elizabeth Craig
Thursday 17th@ 7pm Kim Crossman
Friday 25th @ 2:30pm Amy Aycrigg

Friday 1st @ 5pm Anne Emmett and Candace Stoughton
Friday 8th @ 2:30pm Amy Aycrigg
Thursday 14th @ 7pm Kim Crossman
Friday 22nd @ 2:30pm Elizabeth Craig

Friday 1st @ 2:30pm Amy Aycrigg
Friday 8th @ 2:30pm Elizabeth Craig
Friday 15th @ 5pm Anne Emmett
Thursday 21st @ 7pm Kim Crossman
Friday 29th @ 2:30pm Amy Aycrigg

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