Program Details


March 17 / 1:00 PM - March 17 / 4:00 PM

Please join us for our much awaited



It is my pleasure as Center Director to warmly invite every community member and all friends interested and inspired around the need and process for acquiring new space, to come join us for this full discussion and presentation by our wonderful New Space Committee.

This meeting will include:

1.   A look at potential properties (slide show).

2.   A report on the community’s aspirations and comments from the recent New Space Survey.

3.   How we will get from here to there – the events and fundraising opportunities being considered.

4.   Introduction to the “Artful Circle” discussions.

A light and lovely reception will follow.

In the vision of the Great Eastern Sun,

Joann Herson

Your voice, inspiration, and ideas will be key to this significant future planning for Philadelphia Shambhala Center. Please come be part of this most important conversation.

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