Program Details

Community As Path: Diversity

February 16 / 4:00 PM - February 16 / 6:00 PM

Title:  “From Basic Goodness of Self to Basic Goodness of Society: Exploring Diversity”


Everyone is warmly invited to a video talk by Acharya Judith Simmer-Brown followed by group discussion. 


This talk is one of the series of Community as Path talks produced by Shambhala International.  The talk looks at the basic goodness in all of us, in our differences, and in the society we all make. It invites us to explore the "other" -- those different from us in race, age, gender or gender identity, physical or mental ability, sexual orientation, ethnicity, class, language, or other identities.


It's a chance to see how opening our hearts to the “other”  and to the pain of being excluded or targeted because of that identity can bring us the joy of removing boundaries, of connecting and feeling our interdependence. By going beyond fixed mind and the fear and guilt that often comes with addressing this issue we have a chance to grow in an atmosphere of caring and kindness toward everyone, and develop curiosity about how to invite more diversity in Shambhala.


Our intention is not to seek final conclusions but to explore the issues and hopefully spark ongoing curiosity about connecting with the “other.”


Facilitator:  Michael McCormick, a member of the Diversity Working Group of Shambhala International, Portland's Diversity Coordinator, and a meditation instructor, will facilitate the viewing of the talk and group discussion of the questions raised.
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