Program Details


with Brian Callahan & Paul Belserene
November 22 / 6:30 PM - November 24 / 6:00 PM


Prerequisites: participants must have complete the Sacred Path level Meek.

Shambhala Training is a series of contemplative workshops, suited for both beginning nd experienced meditators. The simple and profound technique of mindfulness and awareness is the basis of a secular path of meditation, which can benefit people of any spiritual tradition and way of life.

The Sacred Path program introduces further practices of warriorship, that extend the basic meditation training. These practices are based on a societal vision and aspiration to help the world. This level of training cultivates one's dignity and natural gifts that are able to widen one's sphere of compassionate and practical influence.


The dignity of Perky is represented by the white Snow Lion. This level focuses on cultivating sharp, vibrant and uplifted energy through natural discipline. Overcoming the trap of doubt, the warrior of perky is able to accomplish his or her activities with a sense of nobility and ease.

November 22nd - 24th, 2013

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