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Wednesday Dharma Night January Speakers

with Richard Vogler & Janet Lott & Samo Skerbec & Melissa Moore Seth Bregman
January 2 / 6:30 PM - January 30 / 9:00 PM

A great introduction to the Shambhala Buddhist teachings, and an opportunity to connect with other meditation practitioners in a relaxed, comfortable environment. Featuring meditation practice, meditation instruction, a talk by one of our senior teachers and discussion. We also offer an assortment of delicious snacks and tea before each session.

The current series of dharma talks focuses on the concept of Warriorship, or human bravery, and the Shambhala path of bringing the sanity and peace we encounter on the meditation cushion out into our everyday lives.

Wednesday evening schedule
     6:30 Doors open
     7:00 Sitting meditation practice / Meditation instruction
     7:40 Dharma talk and discussion
     9:00 Community gathering

Join us for this wonderful opportunity to practice with others in a warm, supportive environment. And bring your friends!

Suggested donation
$5 to $10

Mery Miguez / info [at] sfshambhala [dot] org

January Speakers for Enlightened Society Talks

January 2, Walking In the Front Door
With Richard Vogler

A second generation Shambhalian's experience with discovering Meditation and the Shambhala teachings.

Richard Vogler is a long time meditator and student of the Shambhala teachings. He is a painter and also studying Fine Furniture design in Oakland.

January 9, Dancing With Gravity
With Janet Lott

We are in constant relationship to gravity. Our natural response to gravity is to open up and out. However, most of us have spent years unintentionally interfering with that response: often by trying to help it. As in sitting practice, with the Alexander Technique we learn to get out of our own way by "doing nothing." Ironically, we need to relearn how to "do nothing."

Janet Lott has been a student of Chogyam Trungpa Rinpoche and Sakyong Mipham Rinpoche for over 30 years. She served on the Movement Studies faculty of Naropa University (then Institute) for eleven years. After a career in contemporary dance she qualified as a Teacher of the Alexander Technique of movement retraining in 2001, studying with Frank Ottiwell and Robert Britton. Janet has taught the Alexander Technique at Dechen Choling land center in France and privately in the US.

January 16, The Role of Permaculture in Cultivating Enlightened Society
With Samo Skerbec

Samo Skerbec has been a Shambhala student of Sakyong Mipham Rinpoche since 1995. He is a native Slovenian, and  currently resides in Petaluma, CA, where he has his own Sustainable Permaculture Company.

January 23, In honor of MLK Day, Celebrating Warriors in the World
With Acharya Melissa Moore

A panel of Community members will offer inspirational examples of known, and lesser known, warriors in our world.

Acharya Melissa Moore, PhD., has been a student of Shambhala since 1979. She has an MA in Contemplative Psychotherapy from Naropa University, attended the 1985 seminary, has been teaching internationally since 1990, and was empowered as a Acharya in 2012. She has extensive experience as a clinician and manager of several clinics developed for the treatment of eating disorders, dissociative disorders and trauma related illnesses. She co-founded, and continues to teach and develop, The Karuna Training, a 3-year professional certificate training in Contemplative Psychology and a division of Shambhala Europe.

January 30, Karma: The Good, The Bad and the Ugly
With Seth Bregman

Karma is the process of cause and effect and the cycle of suffering, or samsara, that arises from that process. How can we understand that process and what can we do about it? In this talk, we'll explore how meditation can help us navigate and transform karmic circumstances. By developing our prajna or inherent wisdom, we can recognize the present moment as an opportunity to free ourselves and our world from the cycle of karmic circumstances and samsara afflicting all of us.

Seth Bregman has been a practitioner in the Shambhala Tradition for over 20 years. He is particularly interested in how conventional ideas about meditation and spirituality can become obstacles to genuine insight, relaxation and happiness. He's grateful for his unexpectedly 'normal' life which includes a lovely wife, a house in the suburbs and an exceptionally good dog named Kiki. Seth has worked in the music, film and technology industries for many years and currently works as a Director of IT for Live Nation.

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