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Pacifying the Turmoil of the Mamos

January 31 / 6:30 PM - February 9 / 8:00 PM

Sitting Meditation followed by the Mamo Chants

The year-end Mamo Days practice is a means of clearing up the environmental negativity of the whole year leading up to Shambhala Day, which is February 11th this year (2013).

It is traditional at this time to invoke the transforming power of realization in the form of the Dharma Protectors' practice. The karmic forces which shape our world are both personal and collective. We are caught up in the momentum of conditions around us, for good and ill. We share virtue, exertion, beliefs, conflicting emotions, prosperity, difficulty and sickness with our family, our community and our country. We are continually reacting to and contributing to the general energy.

Traditionally, the end of the old year is seen as a time of the ripening of karmic tendencies. The Protectors' practice at this time is a way of actively purifying and transforming the accumulated negativity.

The power of the mamo protector chants is increased by the number of repititions, moreover the number of repetitions are multiplied by the number of persons chanting: the more chanters, the more effective the ritual.

Free of Charge.
Everyone is welcome.

February 10th, the day just before Shambhala Day, is karmically considered a neutral day. It is a traditional time to clean and refresh one's home and shrines in preparation for the coming year.

SERVICE OPPORTUNITY for everyone: You are invited to sign up to help clean our Shambhala community's home - the Center spaces - on Sunday, Feb 10th. Please click HERE to read about the cleaning work that is planned and to click through to the sign up sheet! Your help is needed, so please join us for an hour or several hours!

For Tantrikas
: Please consider signing up to lead Mamos Chants. You can sign up HERE for one or more evenings.

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