Program Details

Five Wisdom Energies

with Irini Rockwell
May 3 / 7:00 PM - May 5 / 6:00 PM

"We all have our own style and our own particular nature. We can't avoid it. The enlightened expression of yourself is in accord with your inherent nature." - Chogyam Trungpa Rinpoche

The five wisdom postures devised by Trungpa Rinpoche activate our subtle energetic body and so hold our inherent nature. Based on traditional Tibetan Buddhist teachings, the postures are a unique practice invoking five distinct patterns of energy - spaciousness, clarity, richness, passion, and activity - with infinite permutations. We have direct experience of the basic elements of our existence: our body, emotions, thoughts, and surroundings.

We have potential for all of these energies so discovering our uniquely personal way of perceiving and interacting with the world yeilds enormous insight into the coloring of all we think, feel, say, and do. By practicing gentleness and kindness, we can open to all aspects of ourselves, finding energetic balance and personal integration. We uncover our strengths and let them shine!

This weekend is open to both new and experienced practitioners. Ongoing posture practice reveals more and more aspects of ourselves the more we do it: the journey goes deeper. Experienced practitioners will have the option of intensifying two energies, one for each day, rather than doing a rotation through the five. This brings another level of understanding: how our energies interact with others.



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