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Dön Season Retreat

with Bob Orth & Jan Frans Sturm
February 1 / 6:00 AM - February 3 / 6:00 AM

Dorje Kasung Dön Season Retreat

As the Shambhala year comes to an end, we enter the period known as the Dön season, the ten days before Shambhala Day when the accumulated negativity, underlying habitual patterns and latent obstacles of the past year are heightened.

It is traditional during this period to intensify one’s practice, particularly the practices that invoke protector principle, to pacify and transmute negativity.  While it is generally considered a time to lie low and to refrain from embarking on new projects, unnecessary travel, and risky ventures, the Dorje Kasung traditionally gather together as protectors, to proclaim our commitment to working with obstacles directly and fearlessly.  Our camaraderie and esprit de corps establish the lungta that is necessary to face obstacles directly.  Viewed with the eyes of practice, the ripening döns become obvious targets for the arrows of awareness.

The programme is open to all Dorje Kasung.

Date: Friday February 1st at 20:00h till Sunday afternoon February 3rd. You can stay until Monday for an additional fee.

Scholarships available.

Information and registration:

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