Program Details

Refuge Vow Ceremony

with Mitchell Levy
March 31 / 6:30 PM - March 31 / 9:00 PM

Official ceremony for taking refuge in the three jewels (Buddha, dharma, and sangha) with Acharya Mitchell Levy.

Name interviews will be Friday afternoon March 29th.  More details to follow.


It is recommended that those considering taking refuge vows meet the following criteria:

1.  A regular sitting practice for at least six months prior to taking vows.
2.  An ongoing relationship with a meditation instructor (this may be established at this time).
3.  One should have a clear understanding of the meaning of taking refuge, and should have taken some classes about the Buddhist path.  There will be a class required to go over this prior to the Vow ceremony

4. Please send a recomondation letter from your MI to Ellen Mefford.

Cost:  $50
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