Program Details

Werma Intensive

with Orhun Cercel
May 25 / 10:00 AM - June 2 / 6:00 PM

Acharya Cercel: ' Werma is the principal sadhana practice in the Shambhala community. It is our way of connecting with primordial space in formal practice.
By exerting ourselves in this sadhana we come to familiarize ourselves with what cannot be grasped or apprehended, since it is beyond conceptual mind. In doing so, we begin to recognise that unconditional space is continually dawning in our everyday lives. We cannot negotiate with space, nor nest in it, it does not compromise. Yet in being willing to open to it and draw it into our hearts we ourselves become space. We become liberated and express that through warmth and a willingness to communicative with the world around us. We discover space is indeed infused with incredible profundity, which continually yields an experience of quiet contentment. We come to understand that society at large can also make a connection with this inherent sanity, or unconventional kindness, that cannot be grasped, but can be felt. In this programme we will explore the many aspects of Werma practice and the tantric teachings as presented in Shambhala.'
There are a few places for this Intensive available still.
Price: €400, all in. Sleeping accommodations for a limited amount of people can be provided.

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