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Enlightened Society Treatise and Transmission

with Maureen Goode
January 12 / 10:00 AM - January 12 / 12:00 PM

Open to Everyone. Join Us.

Pot Luck/Covered Dish Luncheon will follow.

Our very own Maureen Goode will give the transmission for the Sakyong Mipham Rinpoche's Treatise on Enlightened Society. 

“As Shambhalians, we have two essential core principles: the basic goodness of our own being and the basic goodness of society itself. The Sakyong has written the "Enlightened Society Treatise" so that we can work with our own basic goodness; it is about how to be a good human being in your interactions with other humans being, the environment and all of our world. This text is empowered by hearing it read by someone who has had it read to them. You will then be empowered to pass it on and provide gatherings to discuss how to manifest these teachings.” 

What we are calling the “Cascading lung” is likely the first ever “open‐source” lung, in which all people are invited and empowered to not only receive, but also give, the reading transmission. The Sakyong is inspired to see the text spread according to lines of genuine inspiration and find its way into the hearts of any human beings who are inspired by a vision for enlightened society

To learn more about the Enlightened Society Treatise and Cascading Lung, you may wish to read this article: ""  
Potluck/Covered Dish Luncheon will follow. Please register for this event. 

Please Note: There will be no late entry once the reading/transmission as started.

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