Program Details

Fearlessness in Everyday Life - Saturday Format

with Will Ryken
January 19 / 9:00 AM - February 9 / 5:00 PM

FEARLESSNESS is represented by the Garuda, a mythical bird that is born in space and soars in vastness. Extending beyond hope and fear, we find the immeasurable mind.

This class will be an experiential presentation, rather than a scholarly one, using meditation to open to the groundlessness, uncertainty, and creativity of the world as it is. By exploring the emotions of hope and fear, we learn to soar fearlessly like the mythical bird known as the Garuda.

Key elements of the course include simple instructions, experiential exercises and strong community support.. Themes covered in this course include groundlessness, impermanence and death, hope and fear, and the mahayana teachings of emptiness and bodhicitta.

Cost:  $100 ($75 for members)
Pre-requisite: Joy in Everyday Life course
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