Program Details

Community celebration and potluck

January 6 / 12:00 PM - January 6 / 3:00 PM

The Shambhala teachings refer often to "warriorship".   In Shambhala, this is not an aggressive concept.  Rather it denotes "one who is brave"-- brave enough to look at and work with his own mind, and one who is brave enough to work for the benefit of others and the world.  Within Shambhala, we have many paths of warriorship, one of which is to engage in leadership at the local sangha level.


On Sunday, January 6, 2013 at noon (following the first class of Meditation in Everyday Life, 10-noon), the Cleveland Shambhala community will hold a celebration of leadership.  Some of our members who have walked the leadership path for the last few years will formally step off that path and others will formally begin their journey. 


You are cheerfully invited to join us for this ceremony, followed by a celebratory potluck lunch. 
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