Program Details

Solstice/Children's Day Celebration

December 16 / 9:00 AM - December 16 / 12:00 PM

Children's Day falls on December 21st, but we will celebrate it this year on Dec 16th.

Over the years, the Shambhala community has adopted a tradition of celebrating the changes of season. These special days of celebration are called nyida days - from nyima ("sun") and dawa ("moon"). Nyida days occur on or near the days of the spring and autumn equinoxes and the summer and winter solstices. 

This is a celebration for the ENTIRE community, not just those with children and grandchildren.  Please join us in this joyous celebration!

It will include activities for all ages, including story, songs, music, poetry and other talents or offerings from the community.  Bring your children, grandchildren, nieces, nephews and the rest of your family!  There will be a delicious potluck brunch including holiday beverages as part of the morning’s festivities.

Sitting will be 9:00-10:00 and festivities and potluck brunch will follow.  More details to follow.

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